Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some stiffeners have more shims than others?

Manufacturers send shims out to compensate for uneven concrete, so the number of shims used will always be directly related to how level the concrete is.

This is also why it appears as if there is an abundance of shims left over. When you have a lot of shims left over, you can often bet that your concrete contractor did a good job getting the concrete level.

By the way -- bin erectors love good concrete contractors!

Why are anchor nuts loose after the first time I fill my bin?

We get this question all the time. Here is what we have learned over the years from talking to our bin manufacturers. Of course, don't just take our word. Always check with your bin manufacturer.

The Quick Answer:

Loose anchor nuts are not a bad thing after the first time you fill the bin.

Here's why:

The weight of the grain against the sidewall of the bin compresses the base sealant even more. The bin itself will push out slightly so the stiffeners are against the anchor bolts, sometimes causing the nuts to loosen. The stiffeners will also come to rest solidly on the shims or concrete. This happens in every commercial bin and most farm bins.

Your Part:

Simply retighten the anchor nuts to manufacturers specifications.