Builders of the World’s Largest Grain Bin

Inside Global Bin Builders’ Record-Breaking Build

The world’s largest grain bin stretches high above Golden Grain Energy in Mason City, Iowa. At nearly 156 feet tall and 165 feet across, the bin can hold 2.2 million bushels of corn – an amount that would take more than 2,000 trucks to haul!

Global Bin Builders completed the project in the spring of 2021, working with project’s designer and manufacturer, Sukup Manufacturing Co. All told, the grain bin weighed 2 million pounds and required 111 jacks to lift. For comparison, a normal farm grain bin project requires just 20 jacks to lift!

Our team is building a second bin at Golden Grain Energy that will be the same size as its massive twin.

This wasn’t our first time working on a record-breaking build. In the spring of 2018, we also partnered with Sukup to erect what were, at the time, the world’s largest grain bins at Elite Octane in Atlantic, Iowa. The two bins were both 156 feet across and capable of holding up to 2 million bushels apiece. We added two more identical grain bins at that location in 2022.

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